Motor coach tours, school groups and private tours

As the Forest Society’s North Country Conservation & Education Center, The Rocks is proud to offer customized tours for any group – from bus tours and school groups to corporate outings and family reunions.

We’ll adapt the Maple Experience to suit any audience, merging entertainment with education to create a day our guests will remember fondly for years to come.

Beyond Maple, The Rocks offers customized group tours covering an array of topics, from wildflowers and local history to some of our area’s most abundant and intriguing wildlife, including turkeys, bears, and moose. Let us know your group’s interest, and we’ll put together a tour just for you!

Maple Sugar Tours

Individuals learn the history of maple sugaring, from the time-honored traditions of the Native Americans to the present, why sap moves in maple trees, how to distinguish between red maple and sugar maple trees, and how to identify a maple tree when it is without leaves. Each class enjoys tapping their own tree, and a taste of one of New Hampshire’s finest products.

To arrange a tour please email Nigel Manley at