New Hampshire Maple Experience

Bethlehem, NH

Maple Vacation Packages

Motor coach tours, school groups and private tours

Horse-drawn Wagon Ride

The Forest Society offers a range of programs for motor coach tours, school groups and private tours that have been enthusiastically received over the past 15 years. Each program can be tailored to suit the audience that is attending the experience. The educational offerings deal with subjects that will entertain the group while educating them in various interesting topics. The selection below is a sample of what is offered; please contact us at for more information and different activities that can be created to fit your group.

  • Tours can last from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours to fit any schedule.
  • Gift shop on property and toilet facilities for coaches.
  • We can handle up to three coaches at a time.

Maple Sugar Tours

Individuals learn the history of maple sugaring, from the time-honored traditions of the Native Americans to the present, why sap moves in maple trees, how to distinguish between red maple and sugar maple trees, and how to identify a maple tree when it is without leaves. Each class enjoys tapping their own tree, and a taste of one of New Hampshire's finest products.

To arrange a tour please email Nigel Manley at

Maple Museum: interactive panorama

Sampling Maple Sap Want to experience the full NH Maple Process with a guided expert? We offer private tours of the NH Maple Experience